Curriculum Vitae

His Life

Born in Upper Austria and raised in Vienna.
Studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts – Vienna.
1966: First prize for the „Enchanting Gentleman“.
1968: First time continental winner of the British Ring Shield
1969: His name became a trademark.
1970—1979: Opened his own office of industrial design
1973, 1976 und 1979: Magic Christian attained the title of “World Champion” in the category of “manipulation” at the FISM World Congress of magic.
From 1979: The beginning of his career as a professional magician.
Magic Christian lives his talent and has turned his gift into his profession.
Magic Christian is currently the most successful Austrian magician since the legendary Johann Nepomuk HOFZINSER (1806-1875); the father of modern card magic.

In the service of magic.

Magic Christian has performed world-wide and continues to do so. Travelling the five continents, he has not only demonstrated and taught his art, but has been an ambassador of Austrian entertainment in countries such as: USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.
He has performed for Austria’s European neighbours such as Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and confounded France, Spain, Holland, England, Ireland, as well as Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. Also Egypt, Syria and South Africa were witnesses to his art.
For Magic Christian there’s no place too distant to travel to to enthral audiences or to teach the magic arts as a lecturer.

The written word

Magic Christian has contributed articles to professional publications throughout the world and, for 11 years, was editor-in-chief of the Austrian magic journal “ALADIN”. Several informed books and manuscripts regarding the magic arts have also flowed from his pen.
Magic Christian has an understanding of things magical and has spent years researching magic history. He is currently writing a comprehensive trilogy about founder of modern card magic, the legendary Johann Nepomuk HOFZINSER which is being translated from German into English. The third book is now nearing completion.
Magic Christian has developed books of magic and magic sets for, Austria’s renowned playing card, board game and puzzle manufacturer, “Piatnik”. Their great success led to their translation into English, French, Japanese and Polish.

The magician of versatility.

In 1985 Magic Christian created his innovative Political/Magic Cabaret. This magic entertainment elevates the art of magic to a new level combining cabaret and the deceptive arts. New productions are currently in preparation.
From 1986, this Enchanting Gentleman ventured onto the stage: amongst other he played the prestigious role “Frosch” in the Operetta Die Fledermaus (The Bat) and played parts in plays by the famous Biedermayer (mid 19th century) playwrights “Raimund” and “Nestroy”.
In 1992, the silver Order of Merit was given to Magic Christian by the Republic of Austria. In 2000, the title of “Professor” was conferred on Magic Christian by the Federal President of Austria. The magician finally became the stylish-magical Ambassador of Austrian magic arts.
In 2003 Magic Christian was presented with the golden “Rathausmann” (City Hall’s Standard Bearer) by the then Mayor of Vienna Mr Haeupl.
In 2005, Magic Christian reached the pinnacle his attainments when he was awarded a Performing Fellowship by the Academy of Magical Art in Hollywood – equivalent to an Oscar in magical arts.
In 2008, Magic Christian was presented with the “Goldene Ehrenzeichen” (Golden Order of Merit) of the State of Austria.
Still interested? (or, want to know more?) Or are you already bewitched?

…is a sceptic of dubious talents such people as Uri Geller or miracle healers from the Philippines. Actively encourages youth development
…Performs in perfect English and can manage in French, Italian and Spanish
…with his pleasant and self-assured voice is a sought-after moderator and orator.