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What is the Art of Magic?

Magic is more than just entertainment
Magic means communicating with your spectators
Magic communicates information in a simple and relaxed manner
Magic creates a bond between performer and spectator, or between a companies’ “enchanted” product and the audience
Not only is magic an enjoyable diversion, but is the only form of entertainment that arouses spectators’ emotions and makes them think?
How does he do it?
We offer different types magical entertainment. The skill of a good magician is to tailor each performance with individual and/or product-specific texts that associate the requirements of the organiser with the magic that is performed
Allow yourself to be enchanted by this gentleman of magic.

Close–Up Magic

A communicative style of entertainment that is particularly suitable for groups of 10-50 people; for example restaurants, bars, company meetings, seminars, weddings etc.

With the cooperation of other magician-colleagues, close-up entertainment can be provided for gatherings of up to 1000 people.

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Stand-up Magic

Suitable for 50-100 people at venues such as restaurants, bars, corporate events, seminars, and exhibitions. Prices negotiable for exhibitions that cover more than one day.

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Stage Magic

The preferred choice of many companies!
A performance of magic and music interlaced with cabaret style humour.
Suitable for small theatres, corporate events, seminars, conference hotels, promotional events, exhibitions, inaugurations, and anniversary celebrations.
For audiences of 100-500 people. Available with or without female assistant.

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World Champion Manipulation

Three timers in a row, Magic Christian won the world championship in manipulation at the World Congress of Magic.
In his world championship performance playing cards, long stemmed roses and walking canes are choreographed in a creative fantasy. In his hands fans of playing cards appear and disappear, are juggled and multiply. Playing cards fly around him and are finally transformed to giant size.
Check out the picture gallery and reports from the international press.

Suitable for small theatres, music hall & vaudeville shows, corporate events, and seminars. For audiences of 500 - 2000 people.

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Grand Illusion Show

An individually tailored program for stage or podium.
Suitable for theatres, concert halls, open-air events, festivals, fairs, and other types of event including large scale product presentations such as motor shows.
For audiences of 500 – 30.000.

Ask for a quotation. Prices include all ancillary costs such as assistants, stage hands and transport.
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Magic Cabaret - A full evening’s entertainment

Magic Christian successfully presented an evening of political and satirical magic entertainment with the following programs:

  • Simsalasinowatz/Simsalamock
  • Hoküsse und Poküsse
  • Abra und andere Kadaver         ||   Abra and other cadabras
  • Stunden der Täuschung           ||   A spell of spelling
  • Simsalas & Bimsalas
  • Solo für 10 Finger                   ||   Solo for 10 fingers

Two times 45 minutes of cabaret and magic.
Suitable for small theatres and cultural festivals.

His new program “Stunden der Täuschung” including the best items from previous years is in preparation for the coming season, as is a new program for next year.

Prices on application or on a basis of a 65 : 35% takings split.

Presenter and Voiceover Artist

With his pleasantly deep and full voice, Magic Christian is a sought after presenter, lecturer and voiceover artist.