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International Press

Caught Magically
"Show us your best trick", Horowitz requested and soon Magic Christian engaged himself in a sensational presentation.
(Kurier, Vienna)

Raimund's Theater Festival Gutenstein
The Barometer-Maker on the Magic Island - Magic Christian is in charge of the scenic magic effects and acts as himself as the court magician
(Kurier, Vienna)

At the end, Magic Christian demonstrates that knowledge is in fact a kind of magic - for the audience the secrets of his tricks remained a mystery
(APA Journal Online, Vienna)

Magic Christian on Tour in Australia - he even bewitched the "extraordinary lovely, cute, friendly und intelligent animals".
(Kronen Zeitung, Vienna)

A word Champion Weltmeister and many prentices in magic, ten percenttalent and ninety percent hard work. In soccer also practise is everything, Guestwriter Magic Christian
(Kurier, Vienna)

Seine Masche - keine Masche
(Post & Telekom Austria)

Perfekte Illusionen von Magic Christian
(Niederösterreichische Nachrichten, St. Pölten)

In the moment in big business is Magic Christian, Austrian's only magician known worldwide
(Kronenzeitung, Vienna)

Keine klinisch–kalten Illusionen. Vielmehr verblüfft Magic Christian mit scheinbar einfachen Mitteln. Geldscheine, Zeitungen und Bälle werden in seinen Händen magisch
(Der Grazer, Graz)

Magic Christian, by bookings in Hollywood he made his way also in Austria. Magicians in their own country don't count like prophets. He began his career in Salzburg
(Salzburger Volkblatt)

Magic Christian makes grow a normal deck of cards to supergiant, one meter big cards.
(Blick, Zürich, Switzerland)

Magic Christian bewitched Mikimoto–pearl ties
(Kurier, Vienna)

Magic Christian, the elegant young Viennese card manipulator, demonstrates the dazzling fingers which won him the grand prix at the International Congress of Magic.
(Los Angeles Times, L.A.)

Magic Christian was the favourite of the professional magicians in the audience. His sleight of hand was a complete delight and his card fan and single card production (done with gloves) were equal of the great Cardini.
(Los Angeles Examiner, L.A.)

Magic Christian, from Vienna, is terrific at his "manipulation" speciality.
(Daily Variety, Las Vegas)

Verblüffender als Uri Geller
(Braunschweig Zeitung, Germany)

Whatever Uri does I can do too
(Illustrierte Stern, Germany)

He tricks with everything what he can get in his hands
(Kurier, Vienna)

A Paganini of card-magic
(Neue Züricher Zeitung, Zürich)

Sensationelle Erfolge feiert derzeit der Wiener Meister der schwarzen Magie, Magic Christian in Amerika
(Kurier, Vienna)

Playing Cards perform acrobatics under the hands of Christian, an Austrian magician
(St. Louis Post, USA)

Christian, di Vienna. Dà un buffetto a una carta ed essa vola docilmente in aria, per atterrare, dopo qualche secondo, nel mazzo da cui è decollata. Poi – non so come faccia –le sue carte cominciano a crescere, si gonfiano. Alla fine lui lascia la scena con un poker d'assi grande come quattro manifesti.
(Giornale di Bologna, Italien)

Not since Cardini has card Manipulation reached such necromantic heights a sin the gloved hands of Austrian's Christian. His act refined to the most minute move was clearly the highlight of the conjurer's conclave.
(Los Angeles Herald–Examiner, L.A., USA)

Austrian's illusionist Christian performed with acute dexterity in making playing card do everything but talk.
(Daily Variety, L.A., USA)

His speciality is sleight of hands. Bemused spectators watch as his black gloves apparently vanish off his hands, and playing cards sprout from the tips of his fingers, balancing there in defiance of gravity
(The Times, London, England)

He spins cards around his body. They hurtle away like flying saucers. From the moment he comes out there, immaculate in the spotlight, he is fanning cards, producing them, making them disappear materializing out of thin air giant cards, super giants and "look you have never seen bigger than this" fans. That's where the applause comes, hands were being pummelled and floorboards were creaking under the pounding feet in the Pavilion theatre that night….
(The Budget, London, England)