Magic Christian - the most entertaining magician in Vienna, the best you can get!

Magic Christian entertains his audience since many years in Vienna and all over the world. He is three times world-champion of the FISM and he is known as the most successful magicians in Austria and Germany.

As author of magic books also Magic Christian is very successful in the last years. He wrote a Trilogy in four volumes about the legendary Viennese magician Johann N. Hofzinser, which was translated into English too in 2013.

Like no other trickser or magician Magic Christian entertains his audience with his dexterity, wordplay and puns. Original tricks with audience participation make his performances an unforgettable event you will always think of. You will experience a wonderful and exciting hour of deception or even a whole evening show.

Magic Christian will compose your special show at your demands and will adapt the content as the client proposes and the audience expects.

Easy packed information, interesting tricks and intelligent entertainment are his métier. Eloquent, elegant, informative, multilingual please be deceived by a real charming gentleman.

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